Delivery can be performed in person by appointment only or by using a freight forwarder service like DHL, Hermes, GLS, DPD UPS etc.. Return shipping service after completion will be provided by GLS or DHL depending on size and weight.
Turn around time for paerst processing is typically 10-14 days.

Part preparation before submission

The parts should arrive at our facility pre-cleaned from excessive oil and grease, without any remains of gasket material and steel parts removed as far as that is possible.
Particularly gasket remains should be removed as otherwise Classix MC has to perform a preparation service at a labor rate of € 59,50/hr..

Painted and powder-coated parts

can be submitted but our service will be subject to additional charges for removal of any coating.

Parts that were previously glass bead media cleaned

can be processed but will require an additional mechanical process to smoothen the surface that we will need to charge for based on the extend of that preparation.

Heavily oxidized parts

can be processed as well, but just like glass bead media treated parts additional time will be needed to mechanically restore the affected surface at additional charges.